Leather cases for musical instruments

Both small or big and bulky musical instruments need a case able to protect them from impacts and to preserve their entirety; the right case may make the carriage easier and smoother especially when dealing with big and heavy instruments. Our Musicover staff's main aim is to guarantee our customers a tailored case. With years of experience we are able to give advice on the choice of materials (fabric, leather, etc.) and customized shapes to suit your expectations.

We design and realize tailored cases for everyone; our artisan experience, handed down to us from our family, is what makes us different from others, along with our ability to create customized products that fulfil our customer's practical needs by 100%. We work following the highest quality standards and using the best technologies and the best qualified staff, which is ready to satisfy any customer request. Our cases stand out for the reliability and the cheapness together with the constant search for new materials and new creative ideas typical of the design.

You can find in our store all our leather, fabric, plastic or other materials cases, including:

  • - Trumpet cases
  • - Althorn cases
  • - Trombone cases
  • - Flute cases
  • - Oboe cases
  • - Clarinet cases
  • - Saxophone (soprano straight, tenor, alto) cases
  • - Bassoon cases
  • - Cello cases
  • - Double bass cases
  • - Violin cases
  • - Guitar (classical, electric) cases
  • - Cases for drums (cash, tom, congas, snare, rods, plates)
  • - Keyboard cases
  • - Cases for accordions etc.

You are welcome to visit us and request a free quote which fits your expectations; our competitive prices and the quality of our artisan products will astonish you.

You can find us in Via del bosco 2/A in S'Angelo di Piove (Padua).

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