• Leather cases

    The genuine leather cases are the "flagship" of the Musicover production. The cases are distinguished by the refined designer and the extreme accuracy of workmanship and details. The exclusively handmade processing makes the product unique, which reflects the soul of the true Made in Italy.

  • Fabric cases

    Cases for any musical instrument, in POLYESTER 600/600 fabric OR NYLON 840, NYLON 210 or ECO-LEATHER fabric.
    All cases can be made of plain fabric, or semi-padded, padded or semi-rigid.
    The exclusively artisanal production, made within our company, allows us to satisfy any customer need for CUSTOM-MADE CASES.

  • Folklore

    Articles and accessories for MUSICAL BANDS AND MAJORETTES
    Production of POM-POM ... HATS ... BATON TWIRLING ... FEATHERS
    And many other items ...

  • Fashion women's bags

    LILLO'S by Musicover is a line of "ORIGINAL" Bags made with applications of colored stones and Swarovski rhinestones and flowers ... for romantic women who love to dream ...

  • Case for ancient and ethnic instruments

    Custom cases for any ETHNIC instrument such as HANG, DIDGERIDOO, MONOCHORDO, KANTELE etc ... cases for ancient instruments such as GHIRONDE, LUTI, ARCHILIUTI, TIORBA etc ...

  • Bags for catering

    Production of bags for catering fittings, bags for poufs, luminous cubes, chairs, sofas, lamps, etc ...

  • Bags for audio service

    we produce bags and cases for audio and lighting services, loudspeakers, lights, stands, poles, etc ...

  • Bags for racing cars

    we produce bags and cases for accessories and auto components for racing cars and motorcycles.

  • Blankets for pianos

    WE REALIZE ... BLANKETS FOR PIANO, in various simple and padded fabrics, in sky (imitation leather) .., polyester .., velvet .., alcantara, etc. or fabric / billiard cloth. Padded covers for transporting pianos, cases for legs and pedals, pedal covers etc ...


Musicover is an artisan company born in 1982. The Maniero family, keen on music, succeeds in providing all musicians and producers the most elegant and sophisticated cases for every kind of musical instrument. As years have passed, the range of Musicover's production has expanded by adding objects for the Folklore bands and majorettes.

In Italy, Folklore bands and majorettes are a reality that never goes out of fashion. Every small Italian village and hamlet still has its band with its majorettes. We are one of the very few stores in Italy that still creates and sells such kind of completely made in Italy items. Among the many items we design you can find: twirling sticks, laces for boots, couple outside rubber, hats show, ostrich feathers and kepy.

Our exclusively made in Italy cases are made without help from others. Our musical instrument cases are made both in polyester or in fine leather; the latter range is particularly a ppreciated by musicians and merchants worldwide. Musicover actually trades with foreign countries: European and non-European countries like United States and Japan. The cases are made for easy carriage and above all to protect the musical instrument from impacts and damages; do you play trumpets, guitars, drums, violins, accordions, saxophones etc.? Then Musicover is what you need!

You can request a free quote through our website, or ask for more information via our email address: info@musicover.com or by calling us on 049 5846032. cat

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